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I dont think paranoid is the right word since IT implies more or less form of usually unfounded fear I dont have the impression that Stallman is really disinclined of anything In particular hes just doing this to typing games play free online spoil what he thinks are badness practices So Id call in IT extreme just non paranoid

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The Nerd: And simply to celebrate their failure, OR just for shits and giggles, they free a few CD-32X games, which necessary some the 32X and the Sega CD. So, if you happened to own this pack of vomit and this patch of shit, you tin mix the II together. Silver Surfer Edit The Nerd: Alright, this is Silver Surfer. Silver SHIT! (inserts game into NES and turns it on) He looks so typing games play free online stupid! I have in mind, what the Hell's wrong with him? He's just care... care... (The Nerd tries to imitate Silver Surfer's pose.)'

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