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If the personify repulsion or creeping dead don’t sprain your stomach turn, the monitor of the ugliness of the past (and the present) sure enough will. But if you’re ready and willing to experience it, the rewards are considerable. It’s enchanting, agitative and complex, as eager to earn your stunned silence as information technology is to send you pushing back out from the television in horror. Most importantly, it ne'er sacrifices story and especially character indium quest of those reactions. The Terror might use terror (and its full cousin, dread) to unlock doors in your stomach and psyche, but it’s not vitamin A parlor fox. There are horrors of worlds beyond ours, and horrors of our possess making. By confronting its characters with some, Woo and AMC typing a letter games work the latter much, much harder to ignore. — John Maher and Allison Shoemaker

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